The Company

First company to offer metallic AM services in Fribourg, Vaud, Valais. Supported by FriUp / BlueFACTORY. Member of Swissmem,  Swiss Plastic Cluster, and several thematical groups like SAMG, SSIG, ZMIS .


What we do

Metallic Additive Manufacturing Services, based on customers designs. Our manufacturing follows certified processes according to the latest standards.


Our production means

One (1) M-Lab-R, One (1) M2 and a network of external (audited) Partners
for post-processing (5 axes milling, NDI, surface treatment….).


Quality Assurance

Our manufacturing processes are well mastered, documented and certified according to the currently available standards. The ISO 9001 certification of the company is in progress.


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The principle

Selective Laser Melting of a powder bed : Additive manufacturing, layer by layer, melting of the metallic powder (powder bed) through a laser source

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Impact of AM on your production  Value Chain

Metallic Additive Manufacturing offers advantages in each step of the complete Value Chain :



Added Value of AM in Design

  • Freedom of design : no limitations of classical machining
  • Higher performance parts
  • Reduced time and cost of design
  • Customized parts or small series at the same costs as serial production
  • Last minute changes are easy to take into design




Topology Optimisation

  • Reduction of the mass
  • Reduction of design cycles and time
  • Increase of the efficiency of
    the components
  • Reduction of stress levels
  • Reduction of the development costs

Added Value of AM for Manufacturing

  • Complex parts at a lower cost
  • Hollow parts or with integrated fluid channels at no extra costs
  • Reduced production times
  • Also ‘’difficult’’ alloys such as Titanium and Inconels


source: Pinterest

Added Value of AM in the Assembly phase

  • Functions integrated in one single part
  • Reduction of interfaces and thus less weight and less costs
  • Reduction of the number of parts to be assembled (less drawings and less parts to manage)
  • Reduces assembly times and costs
  • More simple assemblies ie better quality and less control operations



Added Value of AM in Maintenance & Logistics

  • Allows on-demand or just-in-time manufacturing (ie low stock of Spare Parts, cost reduction of spare-parts stocks)
  • Features no time limit for the manufacturing of Spare Parts
  • Offers the possibility of localised manufacturing : savings in time and transportation costs